Responsible Tourism Guideline


1- Save money and environment by refilling water bottles during the tour.

2- Please don’t take photographs of locals without their consent.image-68

3- In some areas/communities/situations it’s advisable to absorb beauty with eyes rather than taking pictures and spoiling the charm.

4- Do not give sweets/stationery/or anything to children. We advice you to consult parents, teacher, village head or your tour guide first.

5- Do not accept plastic bags wherever you shop.

6- It’s good practice to buy souvenirs/handicrafts straight from the artisans/craft maker rather than from shops/traders/middlemen. Please don’t buy anything under any obligation.

7- Avoid smoking, swearing or any other behaviors that can be imitated by locals, especially by children.

8- We recommend you to visit least visited villages/artisans/sites to avoid mass tourism and offer equal opportunities to locals. However accessing some communities require extra care if you don’t know their culture well enough.

9- Save money and environment by avoiding repeats in your journey and unnecessary drive by planning the route well ahead.

10-Use public transport/shared transport wherever possible.

11- Make sure that your driver or guide have place to sleep wherever you stay, if not, talk to them for other alternatives. 

12-We respect your interest in visiting some rare and endangered wildlife spices. Unfortunately WE DO NOT OPERATE in those areas to minimize impact of tourism to such endangered species and their habitats. Sometimes it’s better to sacrifice your dream, to protect fragile Eco system.

13-It’s pity to see beggars/poor people (especially children, handicapped and older people) Though we think, feeding hungry soul is better option rather than giving them money that you are not sure how they will use it.

14-Complaining about litter/garbage does not solve the problem but acting does. Support local NGOs, Volunteers, individuals whichever way you can. (by donating money, educating people, helping them cleaning streets, or public place to set example) or whichever way you think you can be helpful to the place you’re visiting.

15-Please support Kutch Adventures India (responsible tourism award winner for best in engaging people and culture) and voluntarily accept all or any of the above mentioned tips/guideline while visiting Kutch, Gujarat or anywhere else you go.

Thanks for being Responsible Visitor 🙂 We highly appreciate your contribution to spread message to protect our culture, tradition and environment. Enjoy your time in Kutch, Gujarat.

Kuldip Gadhvi

*Celebrating UN International Year of Sustainable Tourism for Development.