Cavemen were Wiser

“Cavemen were Wiser”

Can’t say more about my view of most people, Politicians in particular, celebrities, Fashion Industry, Tourism Industry, religious industries, so called EGO feeding Intellects, education system, primary food and water management system, all types of STUPIDITY including Social media rivalries and Self Centered, Selfish, Greedy and most Ignorant EGO fed Individuals you come across every single day.. And people like me who put such harsh reality out in public and thinking that they are waking others, alarming them of their stupid and disastrous Lifestyle that is no different than a Sheep following a herd of Sheep. Including that Black sheep.

Humanity, Love, Equality, Justice, Freedom, Kindness… making small difference, following their soul/Hearts more than their AI Brains… All of these are going to be the biggest Challenge because it’s never one time and permanent Solution.. It’s everyday need and always will remain under “Shortage Occupations’ List”

IRONY is that the Planet outside of Manmade World, following basic needs of Survival, Enjoying animal Instincts and do not try to Educate others.. i.e. Have you seen a Buffalo trying to “Educate” other Buffaloes by Selling her Secret of Mud Spa? Or Have you seen An Elephant teaching it’s Babies to act like Monkeys and climb trees?

Or a Crafty Lion who wants all animals in a jungle to Buy Products (think of any PRODUCTS that you WANT to Buy but don’t really NEED) from his Friends Shops (no E-shops) using GLAMOUR of some “secC Horses, Beautiful White Swans or Flamingoes…?

I know the metaphoric list is getting really interesting that I could think of many other examples of Wild life in the perspectives of Today’s world, an average Human Consumers and How everything what our Ancestors left for us (The World), We Completely F**ed.

How sad Those Endangered ANIMALS must be who are under the Care of Humans not Out in the Wild. Especially Those who know Deep Down that Whether inside the Manmade Cage or Outside the Cage they are going to get Killed or Abused in one or another way, then Why Can’t they chose to Live their Little Life Outside Man Controlled World? At least they will Die running Freely.. at least they can take responsibility of their lives… and until the day they are killed or die of old age, natural laws… they Lived their Life Freely…. unlike many of Humans who can’t even fart freely because they will be laughed at, it’s impolite, it’s consider unpleasant in the World where Bombing People is considered “ok”, Capitalism swallowing small industries, individual businesses in huge numbers and that’s also “Ok”,…Condition of Poor people across the planet seems concerns of many Political Leaders in their Speeches but never Resolved Genuinely that they could have “Luxury” of getting easily manipulated over Internet and become life time slave of consumerism and forget that back in a time the struggle was real, it was survival struggle for BASIC Food and other necessity… now it’s mostly Psychological needs or rather I should say “Social Status”… Well in a way they are lucky, not to become Stupid….. Cavemen were wiser like most of the Animals and Birds in the Nature, living simple and Free Life….where Predators are clearly categorized.. ie. deer knows the difference between money and a hyena…. a Lion knows that he has to kill a wildebeest to survive…. unlike Human World where you never know who is going to Kill who, why and for what? There is not much clarity….Anyone kills anyone…. I remember my Grand Father using this quote “Man to Man is So Unjust, I don’t know Which Man to Trust” and I would argue naively if We Don’t Trust each other, how can we create a Better World , If we don’t Love one another, how would we survive then? It’s a constant battle that most of us are fighting in favor or against…. But we all are fighting in one or another way…. We are born on the Beautiful Planet that has so much to see, so much to experience, so much to Live before this tiny human existence ends… yet many of us are “stuck” in our own cages and don’t know how to fly out of these cages…some of us are fighting within the cage because we all think that we know how can we break these cages but that’s the problem because we all think this is the Right way, my way is the best way… easier way…the only way….and so on…. What our Medical World, Education World, Legal World, Political world, Religious World….. thinks, convincing, acting, fighting, profiting, controlling, abusing, dividing….. and yet we are still in Cages…. Once you manage to set free from Cage 1, you enter in Cage 2, 3, 4…. So on… Because cages are cages…No matter who made to put who inside, no matter made of Gold or Iron… seems like the keys of many of these manmade cages are dropped in the deeper ocean or on the top of the hill or in the middle of the Jungle….Go and Find your Key somewhere in Nature… and Unlock yourself…and if possible help genuinely others to unlock their cages…. Never forget that our ancestors were wiser cavemen and we can try always try to be. Namaste.