Interested in Crafts, Culture and Communities of Kutch Gujarat…?

Welcome to my worldKutch Adventures India

Kutch region is exciting. It is huge, historic and full of surprises. Its history is long and interesting and this shows in its proud people.  If you are looking for Off the beaten trails in India, See you at my place in Bhuj, where “Desert Adventures”  begins…

Kutch Adventures India(World Responsible Tourism Award winner, WTM London, Nov 2014) makes positive contributes to the conservation of Culture and Tradition of Kutch region besides helping locals to get involved in “Rural and Responsible Tourism”

We would be happy to help you Plan Itinerary, offer you Home Stay and connect you with various skilled Artisans of Kutch and NGOs promoting and preserving arts and handicrafts of Kutch.

For more details please send an email to kuldip@kutchadventuresindia.com